Luna Travel Specials

Everyone dreams of world leisure travel, visiting exciting destinations, immersing yourself in different cultures or having thrilling experiences. Luna Travel specials offer an easy alternative to expensive and time consuming travel planning. Our travel specials make vacations more memorable by saving you time and money, making planning easy and giving you peace of mind. Passionate about travel, we specialise in hassle-free travel packages, so you can enjoy your holiday.

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Our travel specials come with many benefits such as planning your entire trip which includes commercial or charter flights, hotel accommodation, car hire bookings and even lodging visa applications on your behalf. In addition to special travel prices, you are guaranteed a stress-free experience from start to finish. Regardless the size of the group, we treat all travel arrangements with special care to ensure you only need to worry about focusing on business or enjoying your holiday. All your travel expenses are paid up front which prevents nasty surprises at your destination and makes budgeting easier.

Plan a trip today, Luna travel specials puts the fun back into vacations.

Travelling to a foreign country is exciting but getting stranded can be a nightmare. If something should happen during the trip you can call our international travel agency emergency line for assistance. Luna Travel is the epitome of customer service excellence and our travel consultants are always available to assist and resolve any problems. We focus on affordable and enjoyable leisure and corporate travel services and year-round corporate travel specials. Serbia and Montenegro, and Madiera are popular destinations because our travel specials make these exquisite destinations and experiences affordable for everyone.

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