Leisure Travel

What could be more alluring than the perfect fantasy holiday? Welcome to the real world of leisure travel. Our international leisure travel planning provides peace of mind knowing that every detail of your trip has been planned before you head to the airport. Often Leisure travel packages come with limitations but Luna Travel’s world class service delivers affordable international leisure tourism that you can rely on.

For world leisure travel without limits, contact an experienced leisure travel consultant.

You don’t need to be a special member of a leisure travel club to access a world of benefits and personalised service. At Luna Travel Agency, we help international leisure travellers custom-make dream holiday packages that suit your schedule, lifestyle and most importantly, your pocket. Our experienced international travel consultants will assist in picking travel dates and times, hotels and tours of your choice.

We provide complete flexibility, so you decide on departure date, international destinations, commercial or charter flights, stopovers and the duration of the holiday. We will supply you with several international leisure travel options, based on your budget, which allows you to plan your world travel & leisure arrangements effectively. You decide where to save on expenses and where to splash out!

Save or splash out on your next vacation, the choice is yours. Speak to a world leisure travel consultant today.

Our highly trained team of professional travel consultants think outside the box to deliver innovative international leisure travel packages. We constantly negotiate international travel rates with global suppliers to ensure that our leisure travel packages are offered at the most affordable prices. We encourage our leisure travellers to come with nothing more than a destination and budget and we will take care of the rest by offering a world of flexible leisure travel alternatives. We will supply you with a number of leisure options that allow you to amend your own itineraries according to your personal preferences. Once we have finalised the destination and detail, you can sit back and prepare for the leisure travel trip of a lifetime, while we make all the international bookings and visa arrangements.

Contact our professional leisure travel consultants to book your world leisure travel.